Leading Partners - The Book

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This workbook helps executives, managers, and corporate staff understand and utilize the differences between women and men.  It is especially focused on building leadership qualities, and helping blend the naturally different leadership styles of women and men.

With cutting edge brain science, anecdotes from corporations, and multiple practical applications, this is a crucial and exciting part of Michael Gurian's trademarked Leadership and Gender Training.  It features:

Where Is Executive Leadership Going in the Contemporary Workplace?
How Sex and Gender Impact All Aspects of the Workplace
Key Issues Women Bring to the Workplace and Their Executive Positions
Key Issues Men Bring to the Workplace and Their Executive Positions
Ways to Retain and Support Women in Leadership Positions
Ways to Retain and Support Men in Leadership Positions
How Men and Women Think, Feel, and Relate Differently
Employing Improved Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
Answering Key Executive and Managerial Questions
Workplace and Leadership Models For the New Millennium
Direct Impact Models for Workplace Management and Executive Coaching
Marketing, selling and advertising to Women and Men.

Exercises and worksheet pages are included in the workbook, as well as references and notes.

"Michael Gurian's information is powerful and critical to business."

— Barbara Annis, Author of Same Words, Different Language


"Michael Gurian's work has the power to turn men and women from adversaries into respected partners."

— Carol Pearson, Mt. Vernon Institute of Women and Work


"This is an excellent program for business environments seeking improved productivity through reducing gender stress and improving relationships."

— Larry Wiser, President, AJS


"I find your theories and assessments to be right on target."

— Micky Dominick, VP of Global Sourcing, IBM

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