GICD GenderLeadership© Solutions

Working together with authenticity and passion is what we all want, both as women and men. Productivity, creative excitement, and smooth operations are all at risk when women and men come together in our highly gender-charged workplaces without understanding each other.

GICD GenderLeadership© programs, keynotes, coaching and training provide corporate leaders and staff with fact-based knowledge and new power. Our offerings are customized for your firm's and corporation's needs. We use our proprietary knowledgebase, tools and resources. Our solutions can be delivered in keynotes, in-service training, Training-of-Trainers, eLearning, and CEO and managerial off-sites.  Often, a number of elements will be combined and customized for a corporation or firm.

Michael Gurian is a gender leader and global pioneer in the gender effectiveness movement. He is also one of the most dynamic and accomplished presenters in the field of leadership and gender effectiveness (click Biography). He and his certified trainers utilize DVD, power point, lecture, and eLearning and interactive tools. If your corporation prefers that Mr. Gurian provide a keynote speech, please click Keynotes

Michael Gurian is an expert regarding executive coaching, gender employee training, gender equality, men and women's gender issues and more.

Meet Michael Gurian

A Note From Him

My associates and I are committed to helping corporations and firms utilize leadership and gender information to their maximum advantage.  Accomplishing this can be one of the most inspiring and useful processes in corporate culture.

Our research combines neurological with sociological studies to provide state-of-the-art consulting and training in gender issues.  While both genders are certainly similar to each other in many ways, we are also “hard-wired” (genetically) and “soft-wired” (socially) to approach leadership, marketing, the workplace, and relationships differently.  These differences matter!

Our Genderleadership training addresses the powerful gender diversity we all bring to any workplace,  whether as CEOs, in management, in sales and marketing, or in other areas of the larger workforce.

This training is a good fit for any corporation, firm or CEO team that wants to move to the next level in creativity, productivity and professional success.


GenderLeadership© Program and Training 


Assess and Identify Crucial Aspects of the Leadership Culture in Your Corporation
 Assess and Identify Crucial Sex and Gender Differences, and Their Effects on Workplace Effectiveness and Success
 Identify the Unique “Gender Culture” of Your Company, Leadership and Work Teams
 Identify Ways to Recruit, Retain and Encourage Women in Leadership Positions
 Develop Personal and Team Strategies for Dealing Effectively with the Other Gender
 Develop Key Mentorial Skills, Especially at Higher Managerial and CEO Levels
 Learn to Value Both ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ Approaches and Skills
 Understand Sexual Harassment and Emerging Legal Risks from Both the Female and Male Perspectives
 Improve Communication and Negotiations Skills between Women and Men
 Learn Follow Up Paradigms for Integrating New Leadership Skills into the Workplace in the Long-Term
 Provide Emotional and Personal Safety and Fair Work Policy and Practices for Both Women and Men
 Experience Inspiration and Insight that Carries into Non-Workplace Relations between Women And Men—specifically Love, Marriage, Family, and Community.