GenderLeadership© eLearning Training For Your Enterprise, Stakeholders and Partners

Gurian Institute Corporate Division eLearning Solutions (GICD eLS) deliver cost savings and productivity gains with end-to-end solutions that address your gender leadership, diversity and sales, marketing and client service needs.  These are delivered on a fully outsourced basis, providing you with immediate and easy access to your own customized, enterprise-wide learning portal.

Better safety games for the workplace, workplace safety, workplace problems & sales training.
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You re-skill employees, customers or partners at Internet speed. In addition to implementing new systems and technologies to stay competitive, you can ensure that your employees and partners know how to use new tools and processes in day-to-day business practices.

You deploy products and services faster, train senior leaders, managers, employees and partners and integrate new technologies and processes with a higher degree of impact upon your critical business initiatives.

All GICD eLS courses are highly interactive and delivered over the Web using any standard browser.

You can realize the full transformational potential of eLearnings as you take the risk out of implementation while delivering maximum return on investment (ROI).  The comprehensive nature of the GICD eLS programs enhances your value proposition, helping you realize dramatic cost savings while reducing the time to market for learning content in every area of your business.  These solutions are especially valuable for mobile applications workers and customer and partner outreach.

These benefits are particularly important in the current economic climate, where time to market is a key business success factor.

GICD is committed to providing the most advanced eLearning solutions to customers worldwide, further endorsement of our market leading position as a leading GenderLeadership© training, knowledge and consulting firm.

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Michael Gurian is one of North America's most dynamic speakers.  His presentations are interactive, humorous, insightful and practical.  If you would like to bring Michael to your corporation or firm, click here and provide your contact and other information.

The Gurian Institute Corporate Division also provides certified speakers and trainers in specific content areas, including Leadership, Management, Sales, and Marketing.  All are dynamic speakers and bring their own personal and  powerful commitments to GenderLeadership training.  Joining Michael, these specialists can help you build  extended pilot or training programs.  Click here to let us know how we might help you. 
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