– Your Partner in Assessing, Planning and Implementing Gender Effectiveness Across The Enterprises


The Gurian Institute Corporate Division Consulting Solutions (GICD CS) are designed to implement gender effectiveness and GenderLeadership throughout your organization.  They are targeted to business critical missions and key performance goals.  The domains include:

Organization Development
Marketing, Sales & Client Services
Leadership Development
HR Strategy & Transformation
Learning Solutions
Knowledge & Collaboration
Workforce Transformation.

GICD CS tools, techniques and resources are:

Michael Gurian is an expert regarding executive coaching, gender employee training, gender equality, men and women's gender issues and more.

Proven, scientific, and fact-based
Socially and psychologically sophisticated, and culturally knowledgeable
Proprietary - Only GICD offers the latest gender knowledge and intellectual property
Designed to increase effectiveness and business results at the level of: 

      Your Enterprise
      Business Groups
      Senior Leaders and Board Members
      Key Stakeholders
      Functional and Project Teams
      Partners Across Your Supply-Chain.

GICD CS stands with you to:

Do Assessment and Situation Analysis
Create and Plan
Deploy and Implement
Evaluate and Enhance.