GenderLeadership© in Our Corporate and Wider Human Communities


GICD understands "Community" in two ways, as a corporate community, and as outreach into our broader human communities. 


Welcome to Our GICD Corporate GenderLeadership© Community.

Please join other like-minded business leaders committed to gender diversity and effectiveness.  Together we are celebrating the special skills and capabilities every woman and man brings to the workplace.  The GICD online community is a place for exchange, engagement and dialogue.  We are interested in your:


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The Gurian Institute – A Tradition of Celebrating Individuals and Supporting Our Communities

National Corporate Speaker

The Gurian Institute is passionately committed to community education and its role in affecting the future of the workplace. We are committed to educating the public about gender diversity and we work with educational and school systems to create an environment conducive to ALL women, men, families, organizations and – especially – children. Our future leaders and employees are planted in the schools by parents and they flower - or do not flower - depending on the quality of the educational environment. Companies like yours can help these institutions in various ways – RIGHT NOW!!  In committing resources toward school trainings, you will be giving back in a way that not only helps the community today and tomorrow, but also helps your employees achieve a richer and more productive work/life balance. For more about our work in schools and communities, click