GenderLeadership© Coaching


Michael Gurian is a national speaker about business issues.Coaching and mentoring are a crucial part of business success.  Michael Gurian and the Gurian Institute Corporate Division staff are experts in gender coaching.  If you have specific questions regarding how to work with women and men, we can help.

We help you assess your own needs as a company or individual, fit those needs into the larger corporate culture, and help others in your firm or company do the same.  We are also committed to ongoing in-house success, thus we help you and your company set up mentoring systems.

Our coaching tools help you as an individual to communicate better, respond to conflict better, negotiate better, sell and market better, and ultimately, become fully authentic as a leader.

Because coaching is so crucial to executive success, our Gurian Institute Corporate Division team is committed to strict confidentiality.   We see coaching as a way for leaders to learn and grow.