December 22, 2009


To Whom It May Concern:


Michael Gurian's work with gender diversity has had a positive effect on our Frito-Lay senior leaders and managers.  We initially learned of this science-based approach from his book LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES, which we decided to feature in our annual Women's Leadership Conference.  Michael was our kick-off keynoter for the three day conference, in which senior women leaders and managers participated from around North America.


As a presenter, Mr. Gurian is wise, humorous, passionate, and really knows his material.  Michael's workshop was rated one of the most valuable and relevant by our audience in the post-conference feedback survey.  His approach to gender issues is at the leading edge of corporate growth.  Having heard him speak and having access to his book and intellectual property, our women leaders are now more able to succeed in our corporation--both by better asserting their own leadership qualities and by better understanding their male colleagues.  Workshop feedback also indicated that Michael's insights on gender differences could be reapplied to both professional and personal life quite easily.


I highly recommend Mr. Gurian's work and believe his practical insights will benefit any team looking to leverage the strengths of both men and women.






Carolyn Fulton

Systems Integration Lead

Frito-Lay, Inc.