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The Gurian Institute Corporate Division (GICD) helps:

Senior Leaders, Board Members, CEOs, Line Managers, Partners and Managing Directors
HR, Function Leaders and Staff 
Sales People, Marketers and Client Facing Professionals
Distribution Partners and Stakeholders Along the Supply Chain. 

Through our training, coaching, programs, consulting and knowledgebase we help you better understand the gender diverse, challenging and exciting workplace and markets.  We believe that each of us enters the workplace not only as a human being, but as a woman or a man.  Each workday is a meeting of gender-strengths and capabilities, styles, modes of operating, and leadership skills.  The company that understands and integrates the differences between women and men discovers a significant competitive advantage.  The firm that helps its women and men understand each other has committed to maximum success.

At an instinctual, often unstated and addressed level, company culture senses the importance of male/female strengths training.  Simultaneously, we in business tend to prefer science to art and anecdote, and many of popular culture's suggestions regarding women and men have felt more like artful opinion than fact-based, empirical knowledge. 

Fortunately, now, things have changed.  PET scans and MRI's of men's and women's brains are useful training tools. These are powerful and compelling, as well as easy to look at.  They provide access to the cutting edge science that corporations and firms need to harness the very useful differences between women and men. 

The Gurian Institute Corporate Division offers information, tools and resources at the leading edge of corporate training, consulting, and eLearning in the area of gender.  Our approach is science-based, thus we blend brain-based theory with practical application, a focus on diversity, and immediate and ongoing business relevance.  We focus on immediate takeaways for CEOs, managers and others in the corporate workplace.   

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Michael Gurian is an expert regarding executive coaching, gender employee training, gender equality, men and women's gender issues and more.
GenderLeadership© Topics:

How the science of leadership has changed
organizational behavior Authentic leadership meets gender differences
Gender success as well as stress and tension
Male/female brain difference
Women's needs
Men's needs
Issues in technology
Issues in financial services 
Developing better emotional literacy skills
Developing better communication skills
g Developing better conflict resolution skills
Issues involved in sexual harassment and legal risks
Using gender science to increase your competitive advantage
Marketing and selling to women and men.

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